Ghibli Canada 2000 High Pressure Equipment Distributors Inc. was founded in 1982. With its facility located conveniently near the intersection of Highway 7 & 27, purchasing or servicing your high pressure cleaning equipment has never been easier.

Ghibli Canada distributes an extensive line of industrial high pressure hot and cold water pressure washing equipment, along with custom systems and accessories.  We offer a comprehensive range of pressure washing equipment along with service.

Ghibli Canada disbributes hot and cold water pressure cleaning equipment.

Applications include:

  • Automotive sector
  • Construction equipment
  • Cleaning of cooling systems and heat exchangers
  • Commercial and industrial vehicle maintenance
  • Zootechnical and ecological sectors
  • Cleaning of racks used for barley germination (beer industry)
  • Cleaning and rehabilitation of monuments and buildings
  • Hydrocleaning of radars, metal surfaces, pipelines and canals
  • Military sector

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